On-board UI

The osPID contains a basic menu structure which allows for standard operation without the need for a computer connection.


osPID Menu Structure

Menu Nav v1.50.PNG

Menu Item Types

The menu makes use of 3 different types. Let's take a look at what they are and how to work with them:

Navigation / Command

Nav item.PNG

The Nav/Command item executes a command. Either it jumps you to a new menu, or executes an onboard sequence. (Auto-Tune, for example.)


Value item.PNG

The Value item is the most complex of the 3 items. By pressing OK multiple times, you can change the "edit depth." In the image above, OK was pressed 3 times to edit the "ones" place. Up and down are then used to edit the current level. We feel that this method has distinct advantages over the more common "press and hold" technique.


Option item.PNG

The option menu item is used to edit values that have 2 or more states. Unlike the value item there is no edit depth. OK is pressed once to initiate editing, then UP/Down are used to change the state.